These 6 Conferences Could Shape Your Cannabis Career

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the mass cancellation of events over the past several months, forcing countless industries to adjust overnight. This has been no less jarring for the cannabis industry, which hosts a series of international conferences each year. Adapting to the pandemic, some of these events went online, providing a global networking opportunity that can pave your next steps as a cannabis professional.  

Here’s a look at some of the top online conferences in the cannabis world in the next two weeks.

Prohibition Partners LIVE 

When: June 22nd-23rd

Who: Prohibition Partners 

The most influential cannabis industry networking event of the year is now online. Starting today, Prohibition Partners LIVE combines four separate regional Prohibition Partners conferences into one single online event that brings together hundreds of the biggest names in the industry for networking and discussion of some of the biggest issues facing the world of cannabis. Attendees can hear grammy-nominated recording artist and host of Netflix’s ‘Cooking with Cannabis’ Kelis talk about the future of infused foods, and take in a wide range of keynote speeches and panel discussions taking places on five virtual stages, as well as take in a cannabis-infused cocktails tutorial and a live DJ set.

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Cannabis Caucus (Cyber) Series

When: June 16th to 23rd

Who: The National Cannabis Industry Association

The Cannabis Caucus Series is several events held over one week in June, where attendees can connect with other industry professionals to learn about the different issues involving cannabis in their region, and also hear about what NCIA is doing for the cause of legalisation, including on the federal level. There is still time to attend the New Jersey session on June 22nd, and the California session on June 23rd. Both sessions will include “exclusive access to industry insights delivered firsthand from national and regional leaders.” You can also take part in a live, moderated Q&A session.


When: June 29th to July 1st

Who: Marijuana Business Daily

How can cannabis companies and employees survive the era of COVID-19? What key market insights can guide us moving forward? What practical steps can businesses take to thrive? These are just three of the topics slated for discussion at MJBizCOnNEXT, which will host 55 speakers from across the industry to discuss where we’re at, and where we’re going, from one of the most trusted names in online cannabis publishing. 

Hemp Industry Daily Conference

When: June 29th to July 1st

Who: Marijuana Business Daily

“An opportunity to stop asking what comes next and start exploring it.” That’s the pitch for the Hemp Industry Daily Conference, which is set to host several dozen speakers from the very top of the hemp industry to discuss how the industry can “emerge stronger than ever from these uncertain times,” according to Marijuana Business Daily, which is organizing the event. In many ways it closely resembles the approach of MJBizConNEXT, and will allow participants to hear from major players in the world of hemp about where the industry is moving, while also making valuable connections from the business. 

Hemp Virtual Conference Today

When: June 23rd

Who: Hemp Grower 

This free virtual conference will allow attendees to hear from some of the top growers, researchers, and regulators in the world of hemp. The organizers say the four-hour meet will look at the latest in hemp research, regulations, and tips for growing hemp and creating a business plan. There will also be a live Q&A discussion after each session, and each participant will receive video recordings of each session. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to speakers during a live Q&A discussion at the end of each session. Each Hemp Virtual Conference registrant video recordings of each session approximately five to 10 business days after the event.

Risks and Opportunities in the Hemp-Cannabinoid Market

When: June 24th

Who: New Frontier Data

Zoom out and get a look at the big issues facing the cannabis industry with this free webinar. The webinar will discuss a wide range of topics shaping the North American Hemp cannabinoid market, including regulatory hurdles and solutions, the pharmaceutical and commercial markets, the “future of minor cannabinoids,” and consumer behavior insights, among others. Described by organizers as “a high level overview of major developments in the North American Hemp cannabinoid market over the past year, and a panel discussion about the business environment currently faced by Hemp industry operators,” this webinar should provide no shortage of insights. 


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