Looking for a Career Change? Here Are 5 Cool (and Unusual) New Jobs to Explore in 2020

The cannabis industry is a booming business reflecting exponential growth every year. With the high demand in the cannabis industry, there is also a high number of jobs available to support this growth.

If you are interested in working in the industry, here are five jobs you should apply to in the cannabis industry.

Extraction Technician

Becoming an extraction technician is a lucrative role in the cannabis industry, which would yield around 70 grand to 125 grand in dollars. The job description for an extraction technician is to extract CBD, THC, and other therapeutic substances for cannabis.

Since this involves a lot of chemistry, the job usually requires someone with a Ph.D. due to the risk of handling a bunch of chemicals. It is an important role in the cannabis industry as you need this to start your own cannabis business.

Being an extraction technician will not only put you in place during the inception of the product, but this will also be an ongoing need as long as the cannabis business is open.

Edibles Chef

Cannabis can also come in the form of edibles. Thus, another lucrative role in the cannabis industry is a marijuana edibles chef. The job description of this role is to cook and bake food where marijuana could be infused and included in the food.

While infusing marijuana, the edibles chef must make sure that the foods are also tasty. You need to be able to bake good pastry or good food, then infuse marijuana into it. The processes may be different from cooking regularly, that’s why being an edibles chef is also a specialty.

Edibles can be in the form of pastries such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and such. In other cases, you will also be tasked to cook marijuana into meals. It all depends on the customers’ demand.

Ambassador or Sales Representative

Like any other product, you also need a sales team for cannabis in the industry. You can also call your sales representatives as ambassadors.

As an ambassador, you will be the face of the product. With your personality and skills, your task is to be able to sell cannabis in the market. You will be the eyes and ears on the ground.

Being an ambassador of cannabis can pay pretty well and is needed anywhere a cannabis business opens a store. Being one, you need to be knowledgeable about the products.

In addition to that, it also pays well since you get a commission for every sale that you make. The commission you will receive can be a bit hefty.


As you know, cannabis comes from plants. These plants need to be cultivated before it is sold out in the market. So, this is why cannabis growers are important in the cannabis industry.

A cannabis business needs to hire good growers to cultivate cannabis. You will be tasked to learn more about how to grow cannabis considering the following factors:

— How much light it needs to grow healthier — What kind of fertilizers does it need to grow abundantly — What kind of solid does it need to grow faster — What chemicals and cultivation contributes to its potency — How potent must your marijuana be — What is the right temperature to grow cannabis — How much moisture must the cannabis plant get — What kind of water do you need to water it with — What kind of minerals must you include in the soil You will farm cannabis. The more produce, the merrier of course.


When you are selling cannabis in a store, you need someone to run your operations and manage your stores. This is where a store manager comes in. Store managers are lucrative roles that will keep a business running in the cannabis industry.

To become a store manager of a cannabis business, you just need to have skills in retail and marijuana. You need to know about your products while having skills to sell and manage operations, sales, and your employees as well.

This position can be a little tough since you also need to manage your people well. In addition to that, you also need to manage your suppliers.


There is certainly a job that you can take in the cannabis industry that will fit your skills. There are many jobs available and unique to everyone.

If you want to try out your luck in this industry, do more research on each of the jobs and see which one you gravitate towards. For sure, there will be something that you will find.

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